Nest Media Company is a Vero Beach, FL. based, full service marketing, design, and advertising agency. We service small to medium sized businesses across the country. We are intensely focused on developing brands that are uniquely positioned to encourage customer interaction and brand loyalty. Our processes are in depth; we dig deep to discover your wants and needs and to ensure your satisfaction and success. We offer a full array of services, concepting, designing and creating campaigns that function seamlessly across all media, from print to digital marketing. If you can dream it, we can do it. With a wealth of experience, an abundance of creativity and boundless enthusiasm, we eagerly greet and complete every project. more

Media Packages

Branding Package
Whether you have an established business or are just starting out our Branding Package contains everything you need to establish a strategic, professional and engaging brand image. From identifying your key selling points to creating a custom logo that captures and conveys your brand message, to developing a full array of collateral materials that flawlessly support and build upon your brand, we cover all the bases. Our Branding Package gives you everything you need to successfully launch your brand and watch it soar.
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Social Media Starter Package
20 years ago social media wasn’t even a part of our marketing world. Now, you can’t afford to be without a strong social media presence. At Nest Media Co. we specialize in helping companies establish and elevate their brands across all media. Our Social Media Starter Package provides you with the basics you need to have a unified and established brand presence across social media platforms. We create graphics and develop strategies to insure the success of your social media marketing.
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Webdesign Package
Having a well-designed, highly functional website is crucial to your company’s success. Sites must be easy to navigate, informative, engaging and work seamlessly from desktop to mobile. Your site needs to offer users everything they could want and more. Think of your website as your best dress or suit. You only look as good as it does. If your site is outdated, or you need a brand new site, our Website Design Package is exactly what you need. We will create a stunning, highly functioning website that will invite consumers to connect with your brand and positively support your brand image. Plus, we offer a full range of digital marketing services to perfectly compliment your newly designed site.
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We specialize in branding. Creating a brand that is unique in appearance and message takes careful study and precise honing. We offer branding services to suit any new business or company looking to improve their brand image.

Print is not dead. In fact, a successful print campaign can greatly boost your brand awareness. We develop print campaigns that cut through the endless clutter with a clear and concise message that can’t be missed.

Social media know-how is a must in today’s marketplace. We create stunning graphics for your profiles and we develop social media strategies to propel you to success.

Digital marketing has taken over as everything lives on the web. We offer a full line-up of digital marketing services to keep you ahead of your competition. Our website design services and ad campaigns create an online presence for your business that is both professional and unforgettable. Plus, we are masters at creating content that will attract the right audience.

Designing an ad or banner ad is one specialty, however designing an exhibit, billboard or large graphic installation is an entirely different skill. At Nest Media Co. we are well versed at designing large scale projects.

Good writing is essential to any truly great marketing campaign. We love creating compelling copy that is fresh, bold and effective.



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