Golden Nuggets Social Media

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to one of my favorite towns, San Diego, CA., to participate in the Social Media Marketing World 2017 Conference. At Nest Media Company we handle social media for a variety of clients and since the social media landscape rapidly changes this conference seemed like the perfect way to stay on top of things. I attended a variety of workshops covering such topics as Facebook Marketing, Social Media Analytics, Building a YouTube following, Writing Landing Pages that Sell, LinkedIn Techniques for Success, etc. It would require a book to cover everything I learned, but there were some underlying lessons and recurring themes that really made an impact and are important for every business owner to know. Today I’m going to share with you some of these golden nuggets.


The key to business success is person to person relationships

1. It’s all about P2P. 

What’s P2P? Person to Person. I must of heard this mentioned in half the workshops. Not too surprising that in our age of tech everything, person to person relationships are more important than ever before. People want to feel like they matter to you and that they are more than just a number on a screen. They want to know who you are. People are much more likely to do business with you if they know what you look and sound like, what you are passionate about, etc. What does this have to do with social media? Well for one thing branding, your brand, the image of you and your company that you disseminate to the world must be consistent, on target and AUTHENTIC. Be who you are. Don’t copy anyone else. Be yourself. Nothing stinks more than a phoney.

2. Credibility is crucial.

Establish credibility right away and continue to build upon it

Establish credibility right away and continue to build upon it

Especially when you are selling a good or service, establishing your credibility right away is imperative to your success. How can you do this? Testimonials and positive reviews are a great way. Don’t be shy about including many, the more the better. Facts that demonstrate proven results you’ve achieved are also powerful. Infographics are particularly successful and compelling at summarizing this information. Plus, they are more likely to be viewed and shared than just plain old text. Build legitimacy throughout your website, email campaigns, etc. People won’t buy what they don’t trust.

3. Time limits drive sales.


Time limits create a sense of urgency

If you are selling something online, add a time component. By limiting your offer or sale to a specific time you create a sense of urgency that will propel more sales to happen immediately. Without any limit set your audience might think, “Oh, I like that. Maybe I’ll come back and order it later.” Then they never manage to find you again. But, with a time limit they are urged to act immediately, or lose access to your special deal. BAM! They hit the Buy button!

4. Twitter is best to reach the press.


Twitter is a great way to find, target and build relationships with the press and industry influencers. However, there is no magic formula, and nothing (usually) happens overnight. Relationships are built over time with you approaching targets with a serving, instead of a selling attitude. What does that mean? If you make yourself someone of value to your targets and offer them information or help when they need it, they will reciprocate when you want or need something. Once again, it comes back to P2P.

5. Video, Video, Video.

Video is becoming the only medium that matters online. Videos get more views and are more shared than stagnant posts. Invest in creating videos that are high quality and evoke a truly emotional response from your target audience. People will look at a video 5x longer than other posts. Square formats on Instagram and Facebook yield better returns than horizontal and take up more viewing space. Make your videos thumb-stopping.

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