At Nest Media Company we offer complete branding services. From our branding package for starters, to everything you could need to revamp your brand, we do it all. We are passionate about branding and offer branding solutions to suit every business, large or small. Our branding services include:

At Nest Media Company we’re not just designers, we’re investigators. We find out all we can about your business and what you’re trying to achieve. We study your competition to assess what they are doing, who is successful in your industry and why. We decipher what sets you apart. Identify your key selling points. We then develop and a compelling brand message, bringing together the words and visuals to support your message and convey it in a way that is clear and convincing. We understand the importance of establishing a brand message that will help you a meet and exceed your goals.

What do you want? Answering this question for your company is a key part of building a brand strategy. At Nest Media Company we find out your goals and design a strategy to help you reach them. We identify the best way to reach your target your audience and how to shape your message so it’s positively received. We devise a multi-prong approach utilizing the best media outlets suited to your type of business. Our campaigns work seamlessly across all media from social media, to print, to web to insure your success.

Have an idea for a company or project but stuck on what to call it? We can help with that. At Nest Media Company we don’t just design, we are word connoisseurs. We love working with words to find the perfect name for your business, service or product.

We study what’s out there both visually and message-wise and create logo designs that convey your brand message and set you apart from your competitors. We’re experienced. We take into consideration how and where your logo will be used an insure the logo design you choose will be successful across media applications.

What goes into tagline? Everything. At Nest Media Company we understand the importance of your tagline as a tidbit of text that is enormously important. Your tagline will ubiquitously represent your company. It better be good. We create taglines that are custom tailored to your business and your goals.

Print Marketing

At Nest Media Co. we are experts at designing and producing printed marketing pieces of the highest quality both in messaging and appearance. We create stunning graphics and copy that will elevate your marketing materials beyond your competitors and set your brand apart. Our Print Marketing services include:

Using your logo and brand colors we will create letterhead, business cards, envelopes, mailing labels and full suite of stationery for your company. We know how to carry your branding standards throughout each piece and will provide you with a corporate identity package that is a perfect marriage of form and function.

We love ads. Few challenges rival that of figuring out the best way to advertise a product or business. We do our research and use our years of expertise to uniquely position and sell your business or product. We concept and develop complete ad campaigns with creativity that is unmatched.

A brochure can be something that is tossed out or kept. We design pieces that are looked at again and again, and deemed too special to part with. Our dedication to exquisite design and compelling copy makes our pieces sparkle like fine pieces of art.

Direct mail can be tricky. We are inundated, so unless something is truly different we toss it. At Nest Media Company we understand how limited a timeframe we have to make an impression on the recipient. We design pieces that make an immediate impact and deliver your message flawlessly.

Newsletters present the perfect vehicle to keep your audience updated and engaged with your company and your brand. An effective newsletter campaign can help build your audience as well as serve as a way to connect to your employees. We design newsletters with the perfect balance of news and stories and images to draw in readers and keep them reading.

An annual report must contain vital information, and often lots of it. Unless carefully designed and creatively concepted annual reports can be a big snore. At Nest Media Company we create pieces that tell your company’s unique story and keep your audience engaged, beyond the numbers and charts. We also understand the need for clear and concise charts and graphs that blend seamlessly with the entire piece.

Vital to your brand is a professionally created Corporate Identity Standards Manual. This book spells out exactly how your brand should be represented across media platforms. For brand consistency a Corporate Identity Standards Manual is paramount. We create Corporate Identity Standards Manuals that are to the point and make your brand’s do and don’ts obvious.

Unlike most of our competition, Nest Media Company has in depth experience designing for large scale installations and exhibits. From billboards, to trade show booths, to environmental displays, we have the expertise to get it done and make it fabulous! We understand the challenges associated with large scale graphics and have the technical expertise to insure there are no bad surprises. We appreciate the powerful impact large graphic installations have and enjoy creating pieces that relay a story in a way that is memorable and emotionally engaging.

Digital Marketing

One of the most important parts of your overall marketing must be your web site. It’s crucial that your site be up to date, easy to find and navigate, attractive and informative, and have a clear call to action. Many companies have sites that were created years ago and are just stumbling along with a site that is not optimized or up to date. Redoing a website can be a large undertaking but one of the best investments you can make in the health of your business. At Nest Media Company we’ve been designing and developing sites for decades. We’ve mastered the process. Whether you need a new site or just a revamp, we can create a site for you that will fulfill your needs and set your company on a path towards success.

When designed right banner ads can be very effective at engaging an online audience. At Nest Media Co. we know how to distill your message down to fit neatly into a banner ad that will compel your audience to act. Static and dynamic our ads will drive traffic to your business and get you noticed.

An email campaign can be the glue with which you capture a new audience. Well written, neatly organized, with enticing tidbits are some of the main ingredients of a successful email campaign. Whether to keep your current audience informed or reach out to new targets, an email campaign is a great communication tool to help you build your business.

These days everyone recognizes the importance of a having a social media presence, but in reality what you actually need is a strategic approach and coordinated social media campaign. At Nest Media Company we can help you figure out which platforms work best for your business and how to most effectively utilize them. What works for one type of business doesn’t necessarily work for another. With Nest Media Company we can help you build your brand with highly cost-effective social media solutions.

It’s vital that you have a professional appearance on social media and that starts with professionally designed graphics and well detailed profile information. Next, you need a social media strategy, which platforms will you participate on, and when and how. We can show you how to effectively launch and grow your social media presence in a way that is manageable and enjoyable!

We offer several social media packages perfectly tailored to your needs. We understand that many small to medium sized businesses don’t have the budget to pay a marketing company to manage their social media. That’s why we offer a turnkey solution to make managing your social media easier and more effective than ever before. Visit Nest Social Media for more information.

Other Services

We offer a variety of other services including:

  • Press Releases
  • Copywriting
  • Copy editing
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Promotional Videos
Just ask! Need something done you don’t see listed here? Just ask. With our years of experience most likely we’ve encountered something like it before and if not we love taking on new challenges! Email us here or call 772.766.4926.