Project Description approached us needing help with their website design. has for decades been the local website to discover what’s going on in Vero Beach. The website, although it was receiving lots of traffic, was outdated and required a total overhaul. The website navigation needed to be reconfigured to allow for easier use and more categories. The look and feel was a bit clumsy and needed to be streamlined and modernized. In addition, the website needed to be designed to appeal to users young and old.

We started on the website design and developed some great concepts, however, when we went to plug in the existing logo, we found that it looked dated and just didn’t fit with the new look and feel. We discussed the idea of tweaking the logo with the client. Happily they were open to it. We set about rebranding, while keeping in mind that there were elements of the existing branding we needed to keep. The beach ball had been widely used for years and was a recognizable core element of their brand. We kept the ball, developed a new, more modern, and fresh color palette. We selected a heavier, rounded font, that is easily read on mobile devices. Careful typography selection is so important in the digital age. We then developed a tagline that reinforces the brand and website as the go-to for everything you can see and do in Vero Beach, Florida.

The site relaunched and is a huge success. The new website design allows for ease of use, it’s highly and logically organized, and has a welcoming look and feel.  The new branding gives an updated appearance and translates well from across all media. We developed a full range of marketing materials to compliment the new branding. The brand now has greater visibility and recognition.